Thursday, February 26, 2009

Overwhelmed with a new project

I'm starting a new cupcake project. A few events have led my roommate Will and I to think about opening a cupcake shop. To test the waters, we got a booth at our town's First Fridays where we will tempt people into consuming tasty baked morsels. We're going to bake about 25 dozen cupcakes and hope that people buy enough to at least cover our costs. That means I have to sell each 1/2 dozen for about $4. I just don't know if people will do it.

I'm already really overwhelmed at how many baking supplies we will have to buy and how long it will take us to make 300 cupcakes. I'm starting out small so I don't waste a lot of time and money on a project that might just fizzle out. I'm buying the boxes tomorrow and starting baking on Sunday. I'm only going to make chocolate and vanilla cupcakes to start with to keep the cost low.

Last weekend I bought a new mini cupcake tin and an icing tool at Dana's Pampered Chef Party. Click that link to buy some stuff of your own. It's fantastic stuff if you cook or bake at all! Dana is also going to bring over a few things to help me out. I really think I can do this and I know it will be fun to meet a lot of people in the festival-like atmosphere. Most of all, I get to lick the bowl at least 25 times! What calories?! I'll let you all know how it goes if I'm still sane enough to form sentences when it's all over.


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  2. Good luck! Sounds like a wonderful project.

    Hey, maybe some places are willing to donate some equipment if you put their banner up in your booth or hand out their business cards to your customers :) Even a small spoon donated is a couple of dollars spent :)

    Cupcakes are yummy, I'm SURE they'll sell! It'll be exciting to see how you guys do :)

  3. Good luck in your cupcake adventures!


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