Friday, February 13, 2009

Friday Favorites!

I am a week older... and wiser, hopefully! My dad came to visit us Thursday night and we wasted two hours at the worst restaurant in town with the worst wait staff. At least we got to watch the World Cup qualifying game between Mexico and USA. USA! USA! USA! We won, so off to more games we go. We also had a craft night, and that actually turned into a lazy TV night. We're still not feeling crafty, but we have some new projects in the works that we'll get started on soon enough. Now on to my 5 favorites list.

1. My favorite lotion: Currently I use Victoria's Secret Super Model lotion. It smells divine and contains glitter! I'm a sucker for all things sparkly. When I get out of the tanning bed, however, I like to use Total Immersion for extra hydration. It doesn't smell as lovely, though.

2. My favorite breakfast food: Recently I ate Nutella crepes for the first time. This is, by far, the best breakfast food I've ever eaten. Anything that contains Nutella is OK in my book. The addition of bananas and strawberries with whipped cream only makes it more delicious. I'm going to try to recreate this meal soon.

3. My favorite post card: I get quite a few post cards from various family and friends. I think Girl Kris, who recently moved away, sends me the best ones, though. She'll send me cute cards just for the fun of it sometimes, too. But the best one she sent me was from Hungary.

4. My favorite time-waster: When I'm sitting still for too long or am waiting on my car to get fixed, I like to play Kaglom on my blackberry. It's kind of like Tetris, only a little more difficult. I run my battery down every other day because I play this game way too much. My friends actually make fun of me for it.

5. My favorite vacation spot: Sadly, I haven't vacationed anywhere exotic or even outside of the US. But my two favorite places to vacation are St. Augustine, FL and Colorado Springs. The beaches in and around St. Augustine are clean and pretty and they have a lot of fun bars and restaurants to go to. In Colorado, I love the weather ans shops and the outdoor activities.


  1. Hi Bliss, I figured I'd check out your blog :) These cupcake blogs are making me really hungry though... lol...

    Looks like you are really good at anything with crafting, I'm always impressed with anybody who can do that stuff.... me and crafting never got along ;-)

    I love Nutella & Tetris too... have you ever tried Peggle? ('s addicting....)

  2. I didn't do a Friday favs but here is mine anyway:

    Answers to 1, 2, 4 and 5: your vagina
    Answer to #3: Any post card not sent to me


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