Friday, February 20, 2009

Friday Favorites!

This week has been an unusually long one and I'm ready for it to end! This weekend is going to be busy, but I get to spend it with a lot of fun and lovely people, including my mom. We're also looking at a house that maybe we could move into. I hate the prospect of moving, but we need a bigger place. Enough of the whining, onto my favorite things.

1. My favorite lip gloss: I like that stuff from Bath and Body Works, CO Bigelow's lip shine. It's not too sticky and it give my lips a nice, refreshing minty shine. I have at least four tubes floating around because I don't ever want to be without.

2. My favorite office supplies: I use paperclips the most, probably. But I LOVE sticky notes. Today while I was going through my office supplies for a page in my Wreck This Journal, I found a plethora of sticky notes I forgot I had. Some are flower shapes and some have sayings on them. I even have a cute little daisy covered sticky note dispenser. Yeah, it's extremely girly, but hey, what else did you expect from me? I really do love office supplies and it thrills me that I'm in charge of ordering and shopping for new ones at work.

3. My favorite mythical creature: Hands down, fairies. I've been obsessed with them for as long as I can remember. I have fairy books, note cards, post cards, jewelry, journals, lighters, you name it. In recent years my obsession with cupcakes has overshadowed my love for fairies, but it's still there. I even got a Tinkerbell (yeah, I know she's a pixie, but it's similar!) Valentine from my boss' grand son.

4. My favorite reality Television: American Idol. I used to hate it. It started when I watched the auditions just to make fun of the fanatics crying over their dismissal. But then I got invested in the series and now I watch it every week. Now I'm not a freaky fan who buys all things AI. I don't even like the music the winners put out, with the exception of one song I won't admit to here. I just watch it and sometimes I vote. My contestant always loses, though.

5. My favorite classic book: I have three that are my favorites for different reasons. The Great Gatsby, The Bell Jar and Catcher In the Rye. The Great Gatsby is my absolute favorite, though.

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  1. i'm crazy about my lipgloss too. my favorite is l'oreal's color juice in raspberry smash & cherry on top. can't live without the stuff!


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