Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Alice Giveaway: Win a Roomba!

Alice is at it again. They're giving readers a chance to win a Roomba. I've been lusting over these little robots for a few years now but haven't talked Corey into spending a large amount of money on such a small appliance. I'm not extremely lucky most of the time, but I thought I'd try it out anyway. Try your hand at it, too! Just tell them your best vacuuming story. Here's mine.

This isn't really a hilarious vacuum story, but it's my most memorable. We had a fire in our laundry room this year and it freaked me out more than anything could have. Since I was little, I've had nightmares about my house catching on fire. Luckily we were all safe, but everything in our laundry room was ruined. After it was all cleaned up a few days later, my roommate and I set out to replace our vacuum among other appliances. We picked out something that had attachments to clean the fans and blinds since soot landed on every surface in our apartment. When we got home, we cleaned the whole apartment with the neat attachments and sang while we worked. After everything was sparkling, we sighed with relief and smiled to ourselves. Such an insignificant purchase had lifted my spirits so much, it was unbelievable.


  1. I don't trust robots. That thing is gonna TURN ON YOU!

  2. As long as it cleans my carpet, I will gladly serve the robot.

  3. Our neighbor has a Roomba, but I don't know why she still calls the carpet cleaners (Indianapolis) once in a while. I guess it's because her house is huge and that a single Roomba won't be able to cover everything without taking too much time.

    I even told her once to cut some of the carpet out because not every room should really be covered, but she refused to do so. According to her, she loves carpet cleaning. Indianapolis, Indiana carpet cleaners must love her as a customer.


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