Monday, January 12, 2009

We made pupcakes!

I finally tried one of the things I found in the book "Hello Cupcake" I got for my birthday. Dayna picked out some dachshund cupcakes for me to make on her birthday and I tried it out. They are simply vanilla cupcakes made to look like puppies. Lonnie helped me and kept me sane. She is the best baking assistant ever! I used chocolate and caramel frosting, mini M&M's, Nabisco Famous Chocolate Wafers, white frosting and chocolate covered peanuts. If I practiced more, I'm sure I would get better. But they did actually taste pretty good, too!


  1. Hello! I just came by from DaynaDos' blog and I HAD to comment on your cupcakes! They're so cute... too cute to eat.

  2. I LOVE that book! Endless ideas! Your Pupcakes turned out very cute!!


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