Monday, March 16, 2009

Wreck This Journal update

It's difficult to carry my journal with me everywhere, but I've been trying. It's become a fun project that I like to work on whenever I get a chance. I've finished a hand full of pages and here are three I chose to share with you.

This one is my favorite. "Write one word over and over." Lonnie and I used to write notes like this to each other in high school. It actually took several hours to complete, but it was satisfying in the end.

I covered this page with office supplies from my desk. I'll probably add some more later on.

Lonnie did this page for me. I think she had fun messing up a page of my journal.

I also threw it, kicked it, and broke the spine. That was the most difficult task I've completed so far. I might burn a page tonight. I have a lighter nearby.


  1. Hahaha, did you write "cunt" over & over?

  2. I did indeed. It seemed like the right word to write repeatedly. Very therapeutic, I might add.

  3. Affirmative. I DID have fun messing up a page of your journal. Made my week.

  4. Looks like fun .... I think I may have to look into one of these journals, seems like it would be therapeutic in many ways! :-)


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