Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Christmas spirit

I left my craft bag at my grandmother's house after my trip there last weekend. I have a habit of leaving at least one important item at the places I visit. Maybe it's insurance that I have to go back? Since I haven't been able to craft, I wrapped all of the Christmas presents and decorated the tree. It's pretty late in the season for it, but I have been busy with other things... traveling mainly.

We're having a Christmas party this weekend, so I've been decorating and cleaning a little bit every day to prepare. I'm ready to have a night where we just chill and don't do anything. Do those kinds of nights actually exist? Friday night we're going to a wine tasting and then shopping to prepare for the baking extravaganza Saturday morning. I'm getting all Christmasy and excited! Here's some holiday cheer straight from my living room!


  1. you are the queen of domestic activities while pretending to rebel against all that at the same time. i thought last night was pretty chill :D at least we didn't go anywhere AND you got french toast for dinner!

  2. hey thanks for the follow!
    you've got some cool stuff going on, with the crafts and the...delicious looking cupcakes...mail me a cupcake! :)


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